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We're Eritrean Canadians of Blin heritage residing in Ottawa region who have mission:

A. To empower, educate, and support the Blin community, and foster positive intercultural understanding among communities, increase public knowledge and appreciation of the Blin’s art, culture, language, and traditions through various programs, events, and initiatives that promote racial, ethnic, or gender equality.

B. To help children, youth and young adults to develop and advance the skills, knowledge, supports they need to succeed in education and in the job-market of today and future by helping them build academic and/or career pathways, promote in-demand skills, and provide access to professionally relevant networks.

C. To assist refugees and new immigrants in
resettling and integrating into Canadian society, offering a welcoming hand on their journey to a new home.

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Our Mission

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To build our community and promote our heritage, educate and support each other, strengthen our networks, help refugees and newcomers to resettle and integrate into Canadian society.

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Once in a year we get together to celebrate our culture and unity, and you are welcome to explore and experience our cultural ways of life such as dancing, traditional attires, language, food, etc.

So often we also get together to discuss our growth as a community and when there are milestone achievements and social occasions within the community.

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Surafel Abrehe

Director - Chairperson

Ghebre Ogbalidet

Director - Social Service
Our Team


Good leaders build products. Great leaders build cultures.
Good leaders deliver results. Great leaders develop people.
Good leaders have a vision. Great leaders have values.
Good leaders are role models at work. Great leaders are role models in life. - A. G.

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Ottawa Blin Community is committed to educate & support each other, & grow together.

What's Next?

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Discover Your Community and New Home Country

Congratulations! You have decided to join your community. You may be wondering what’s next on your journey. We want to help! Join us as we guide you toward the next steps in your discovery your community and new home country.


Get Involved

Get involved in Ottawa Blin Community to make a positive impact in the lives of others. It can provide you with an opportunity to be part of a welcoming & inclusive community. Through participation in various programs and initiatives such as community outreach programs, educational workshops, tutoring, helping refugees & newcomers, & events that promote intercultural understanding & equality, you can contribute to the growth & vitality of the community. Connect with others, establish meaningful relationships, foster a sense of belonging, & fulfill your purpose in life.

Plan a Visit

Plan to visit the Ottawa Blin Community and it is a great way to learn about Blin heritage and culture, meet new people, and make meaningful connections. We welcome visitors of all backgrounds and encourage everyone to join us in our programs and events. Whether you are a newcomer to our city or interested in volunteering, attending cultural celebrations, or simply getting to know our community, we look forward to welcoming you with open arms. Come and join us at the Ottawa Blin Community and become a part of our warm and inclusive family.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our community members and leaders are always ready to provide guidance, support, and resources that can help address your concerns and meet your needs. At Ottawa Blin Community, we value open communication and believe in creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone feels heard and supported.