Support Schools in Africa

Supporting schools and less fortunate students in Africa is crucial as it can help to provide access to education, which can break the cycle of poverty and increase opportunities for success in life. Education is also a fundamental human right, and supporting schools and students can help to ensure that this right is upheld. Additionally, investing in education can have long-term positive impacts on both individuals and communities, as education is linked to improved health outcomes, increased economic development, and greater social mobility.

We support less fortunate students and schools in Africa

OBC can support schools in Africa by organizing fundraising events, collecting and donating educational materials, and partnering with organizations that work to improve education in Africa. OBC can also establish mentorship programs to connect African students with students in Ottawa and provide opportunities for cultural exchange and learning. Additionally, OBC can engage with local schools in Ottawa to promote awareness of the needs of African schools and encourage participation in fundraising and support efforts.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.
Albert Einstein

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